How To Heat A Chicken Coop Without Electricity

How To Heat A Chicken Coop Without Electricity

I have come to realize that wintertime is certainly never the best of times for chickens as a result of the cold weather which affects their bodies in several ways. Also, the harsh weather conditions will hurt egg production while also making some chicks ill.  These conditions are certainly not ideal for bird and bird owners alike. For poultry to survive such cold weather, heat is essential so that chickens can be more comfortable. Several poultry owners are known to use electric heaters to provide heat for the hatchling. It is, however, ideal you learn how to heat a chicken coop without electricity as this is usually a safe chicken coop heater and cost-effective.

How to heat a chicken Coop without electricity

There are several ways you can keep your chickens coop warm without electricity. Some of these techniques are things you can effortlessly do to great effect. First and foremost, ensure that you limit the inflow of air into the coop. also, ensure to arrange the sunbeams in the right way and manner. It is also important that you pay great care and attention to the hygiene of your chickens. Furthermore, ensure that there is enough air in circulation for the chickens, while also allowing them to perch per time.

Heating The Chicken Coop Without Electricity Explained In Details

Heating The Chicken Coop Without Electricity Explained In Details

A lot of times, people complain of the winter being one of the worst times for their poultry, and I really can’t blame them for that. However, one thing many fail to understand is that the winter period can be as good as the summer period or any other period for that matter.  Taking proper care of your poultry with the prevailing weather condition in mind is one sure way to mitigate whatever dangers that may lie ahead.

Here are a few alternative strategies you can deploy to give your chickens the best of life in winter even when the electricity supply may be down:

1. Regulate air current

I recommend that you make your coop from any gap which could serve as an easy entry or exit for air. Before you place your poultry in it, make sure you seal any gap that may exist. When the wind in the coop is cold, it would hurt the overall warmness of the coop. regular maintenance of the coop is one sure way to ensure that such air gaps do not arise especially if you are using a restored coop.

2. Arrange sunbeams properly

I would also recommend that you leverage the abundant resources that nature has to offer chief among which is the sun. If your coop is fitted with windows that are large enough to allow the inflow of air, this also serves as the entry point of the sunrays. This sunray is usually able to reach the floor of the coop which by extension means more warmth for the chickens. You should also consider allowing your chickens to go out to sunbath from time to time at certain periods.

Furthermore, certain resources such as stone, compost floor, and concrete should be able to assist you in maintaining heat during the night. When this heat is released, it should assist you in providing heat for your chickens at night.

3. Hygiene is ideal

It is only ideal that you keep your chicken coop dry and tidy always. One thing many fail to understand is that chickens usually remove their moisture through excretion and breathing. Such a humid environment is enough to form frostbites, especially during winter. It is therefore imperative you keep your coop clean and fresh all the time.

4. Permit them to perch

Chickens tend to feel more comfortable when they are sitting close to one another with their feathers fluffing. This goes a long way in providing them the needed warmth. It would also be nice if you could place them at about two feet above the ground as this should help keep them away from coldness.

5. Provide them with corn treat

Corn treats are always a delight for your poultry. The reason why I recommend corn treats is that when you feed your poultry with corn, it usually takes them a lot of time to digest it. So if you feed them with corn in the evening, they would normally require the whole night to digest it. This process in itself should provide them the needed warmth.

6. The masterstroke

I call this the master stroke because it takes a lot of stress off your shoulders. Ensure you provide your chickens with a lot of dry shavings while also getting as many chickens as possible to keep them huddled up together at night.

How To Keep Your Chickens Healthy

How To Keep Your Chickens Healthy

I once had a friend of mine who lost half of his poultry birds in one night due to health reasons. As you can imagine, that was a huge loss that almost drove him from the poultry business.

Healthy chickens are happy chickens and happy chickens mean a happy poultry farmer.  Here are a few tips that should help you out in this regard:

Observe your chickens

This is the most critical way to keep your chickens healthy and strong. Just like my friend I talked about earlier, if he had only been more observant, he should have seen the clear signs that all was not well with his flock. Usually, healthy chickens are known to be quite busy and lively while they are eating, drinking and pecking the ground.  You may also want to consider picking them up and observing them close and personal.  Regular health checks mean you will have fewer reasons to bother about the health and wellbeing of your flock.

Feed the flock!

Just like humans, chickens need to eat well to live well. If you want your flock to grow big, lay eggs, and appear strong and lively, you need to give them proper nutrition. It is also important that they have access to clean and fresh water always. While also feeding your chickens, make sure that what you are giving to them matches the stage of development they are in.

Keep them clean

A dirty environment is always an ideal breeding ground for diseases for your chickens. This is why you must keep their coop clean and dry always. You should make it a daily practice to remove every droppings and feather to avert sicknesses. You should have tools such as hand shovels, metal rake, and scrappers and shovel to get the job done at all times.

Furthermore, ensure you make available fresh supplies such as fresh straws in their home as this should make them more comfortable. In summary, chickens love to be clean even if it sometimes doesn’t appear so. Besides eating and foraging, chickens spend a large part of their day dallying inside the dust.

Call a vet

I believe the best way to show your flock care is by giving them periodic checks with a vet doctor. No matter how keen your observations may be, no matter how clean the coop may be, the expert opinion of a vet still supersedes all. The vet doctor is usually able to apply years of training and practice to decipher when something is wrong with your chickens and make necessary recommendations.

How Can I Keep My Chicken Water From Freezing Without Electricity?

The truth is that you can’t. Well, especially if you are in a cold climate that can drop to as low as sub-zero temperatures. It should, however, be noted that chickens aren’t always that active in such weather conditions, as all they do mostly is hunker in the coop. during the winter season, you could provide them with a rubber feeder that contains fresh snow. They should be able to play with that with their beaks as they want.  However, when the morning comes, you could give them fresh water.

However, in a season where the weather is a little below freezing, you could provide them with a saltwater bottle that is inside a water dish. All you have to do is fill a soda bottle with saltwater and keep it floating in the chicken water dish. The salt inside should be enough to stop the water inside from freezing.


I believe by now you should know how to heat a chicken coop without electricity especially during winter. The means and techniques I have outlined are quite simple and mostly natural which means you do not need to bother about cost and complexity while keeping your chickens warm. I believe if you are diligent in applying the tips provided here, you should be looking towards reaping great rewards in the business pretty soon.

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