Why Do Dogs Pee On Other Dogs?

Why Do Dogs Pee On Other Dogs

One unique feature of dogs is that they are territorial by nature. When they want to designate a spot as their own, they do this using several ways. One of the most notable techniques used by dogs to mark their territory is barking at possible intruders on their territory. There are however some dogs that would go as far as urinating on a spot to mark it as their territory. Some dog owners may find this behavior of their dogs urinating on things and even other dogs as rather disturbing. But to nip this situation in the bud, it is important to understand what it’s all about.

What makes your dog pee on other dogs?

Dogs urinate on other creatures whether cats, dogs or even human beings as a symbol of dominance especially if this involves a lifted leg. Also, in a case where your dog is not neutered, the problem may become worse. This act of urinating on other dogs is known as overmarking which means that it is simply claiming its territory. The smaller dogs may even overdo it when it comes to lifting their legs to ensure that their urine mark is as high as possible. It should be noted that territorial marking is not the exclusive reserve of male dogs. Certain dominant female dogs carry out the act of marking to the extent that they lift their legs.

Is It About Apprehension Or Dominance?

Urine marking is one behavior that is directly connected to dominance. However, it could also be a sign of distress or apprehension. Things that could trigger this show of emotion include a new face in the house, a change of routine or smell. Also, if your dog isn’t getting as much attention as it was before, it may trigger such an action.

Also, an apprehensive dog may come under stress when it sees or smells other animals. If your dog is feeling under pressure, you should consider talking to your vet.

What Exactly Makes Dogs To Urine Mark?

Social triggers

Certain exciting social situations may lead to trigger urine marking by dogs. Several make dogs are only known to urine mark when they are in the presence of their female counterparts. Others may only urine mark when they are in the presence of male dogs. Some other dogs would only pee on places where other dogs have urine marked before. There are also dogs that only urine mark when they are stimulated or aroused in certain situations.

Reproductively intact dogs

The reproductively intact dogs tend to urine mark than the ones that are neutered or spayed. In the case of their unsprayed female counterparts, urine marking takes place frequently during their heat period.

A new face

There are dogs that only urine mark when they are in the presence of a nonresident dog in the environment they find themselves. The environment of the dog extends to his yard, home and the route he takes when he goes on walks. It could also be the park or a friend’s home he always visits.

Anxiety issues

Some dogs may urine mark when they have faced with anxiety-related issues. Anxious dogs are known to deposit a larger volume of urine than dogs doing that for other reasons. There is also a tendency for dogs to urine mark on places that are not vertical. There are quite several factors that may lead to a dog experiencing anxiety and then trigger mark. This may include the luggage in the dog’s space, a new face, and a war between the dog and other animals in the house.

How To Stop Your Dog Peeing In The House

One thing you should know is that urine marking is just another way of communication between dogs. It is a proven fact that dogs are naturally drawn to the urine marks that other dogs may have left behind. Dogs can detect some information from just sniffing at the urine of other dogs. For instance, they can tell the sex of the dog, the identity, as well as the reproductive status of the dog. It is also a fact that male dogs are more likely to urine mark than their female counterparts. Here are a few steps you can take to stop your dog from peeing in the house:

Know the problem

You must take a trip to the vet, however, if you are convinced it is not a medical issue, the quickest solution to your dog peeing indoors would be to allow it to spend more time on the outdoors. Also, if the problem appears to be quite frequent, you may take your dog through the basics of home training. Also, if an older dog seems to be wetting his bed, it could mean that it is suffering from arthritis. But if allowing your dog to go out more doesn’t help you should begin asking questions. For instance, is there any reason why your dog may be under some form of stress such as high noise levels. Also, is there any environmental change such as a new baby in the house? Is there a change in schedule for the dog? Did your dog encounter any recent emotional challenge?

Be observant

The first thing which a pet owner ought to do know of the dog peeing in the house is just a onetime slip-up or an issue of concern. If the dog continues urinating in the house, the first thing you would need to do is to observe if the situation would repeat itself. If it doesn’t happen again, it simply means that it was a onetime thing. But if it happens again, you may have to visit the vet to know what the underlying cause may be.

Solve it

Having discovered what the issue may be, it is time for you to find a lasting solution to the problem. For instance, if you notice that your older dog is suffering from arthritis, you should consider treating arthritis as this could help solve some of your potty training challenges. Also, if a certain temporary environmental challenge is the cause of your dog’s actions, the moment they are removed, it should revert to its old ways.

If your dog is urinating indoors, make sure that there is no other pet urinating on the floor as well. When your dog notices such a lapse, it may see it as an authorization to do the same. Ensure to clean out a urine-stained spot to avoid a repeat of that situation. Never stop, learn more about how to stop your dog peeing in the house and do better.

Final Word

The love you have for your dog should not make you condone some of its undisciplined actions. Ensure that you train your dogs in such a way that they would know the difference between right and wrong. You could adopt certain routines to train your dog such as exercising them in the morning with a brisk walk.  Doing this would allow your dog to pee outside.

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